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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How to find an NFPA or HMIS safety rating for Alconox, Inc. cleaners

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 704) ratings and the Hazardous Material Identification System (HMIS) ratings are not on all technical bulletins and msds. You need to know which document to look at to get these ratings.

The HMIS and NFPA ratings for Alconox, Inc. cleaners are found on the ANSI format msds available at the alconox website in the top center of the page by selecting the cleaner brand, selecting msds, clicking go, and then clicking on ANSI (international) - the msds will come up and the two ratings are in section 15. The National Fire Protection association created the NFPA 704 chemical labeling system which is intended to provide basic information to fire fighting, emergency, and other personnel, enabling them to more easily decide whether to evacuate the area or to commence emergency control procedures. It was also intended to provide them with information to assist in selecting fire fighting tactics and emergency procedures. In addition to these original goals, this standard provides laboratory personnel with an invaluable tool to help in establishing the appropriate level of personal protection that is required for working with a material and the correct method of storage and use that should be employed. NFPA 704 provides a simple, easy to recognize and understand system of markings that provides information regarding the hazards of a material and the severity of these hazards as they relate to handling, fire prevention, exposure and control. It should be used in conjunction with other chemical labeling systems to maximize safe usage and storage of hazardous materials. The NFPA 704 system is based on a diamond shaped marking that is divided into 4 regions, each assigned a color, and a numerical rating in each region. The regions depict health hazard, fire hazard, reactivity hazard and a region to indicate a reactivity with water, or other specific hazards if water reactivity is not an issue. The Hazardous Materials Identification System, HMIS, was developed by the National Paint and Coatings Association in the early 1970's for use as an in-plant labeling system. The HMIS rating is a color-coded, alphanumeric system which gives information about the health, flammability and reactivity of the chemical in question. The system rates a material from a minimal hazard through a serious hazard. It also recommends the appropriate personal protective equipment to be worn when handling the particular chemical.

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