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Friday, August 15, 2008

Ultra High Vacuum Compatible Cleaning

Can Liquinox be used to remove residues from stainless steel for ultra high vacuum compatible cleaning?

Yes, Liquinox has been used for cleaning ultra high vacuum equipment as the detergent cleaning step. Use a 1% (10 mL/L) solution in water with such heat as is practical, ideally 40-50 deg C. Rinse very thoroughly with purified water. The key to good ultra high vacuum cleaning is thorough rinsing. If cleaning a small container fill and empty it 6X with high purity rinse water. If there is a running water rinse, expose each are of flooded surface to at least 30 seconds of flooding water. Rinse is a way that allows foam to flow off of the surfaces being rinsed and do not allow foam to congregate if possible. If due to the geometry of the parts being cleaned, foam during rinsing cannot be avoided, then at least rinse until all the foam is gone, and then rinse some more. It may take a while.

For more information on Liquinox, please download our PDF.


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