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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Removing DNA

What does Alconox recommend for removing DNA from laboratory equipment?

Since DNA is stable to alkaline hydrolysis, we recommend testing 1% Citranox Liquid Acid cleaner, pH 2.5. Acids at high temperatures are capable of breaking the DNA molecule into its components. Note the working concentration Citranox recommended here is a starting point, higher concentrations may be required to achieve desired results.

Citranox is liquid acid cleaner for manual, soak and ultrasonic cleaning. It is corrosion-inhibited for glassware, metals, and plastic. Following cleaning with Citranox adequate rinsing with water is required. Citranox has rinse aids that leave no interfering residues on the surface. Before exposing laboratory equipment to any high temperature cleaning or acid cleaning, testing needs to conducted to ensure no damage to equipment surface or substrate. Also, do not mix bleach hypochlorite with Citranox because in sufficient quantities the mixture can form toxic chlorine gas, as they can acidify the bleach solution to below pH 7.

At Alconox we understand how important it is to have clean laboratory equipment, and recognize that any "leftover" DNA (or protein or RNA) could potentially contaminate your next experiment, we suggest that you analytically test for removal of these substances.

Click here for Citranox technical bulletin.


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