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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Immersion Clean-in-Place (CIP)

What is immersion clean-in-place (CIP)?

Pilot scale and smaller manufacturing tanks, blenders and mixers can be cleaned by completely filling all the pipes and equipment with cleaning solution, possibly while gently running any agitators available in the equipment. A successful validation of this cleaning process will define the concentration of the cleaner, the contact time, the level of agitation and temperature of the cleaning solution required to successfully clean the tank. This cleaning method is used in older large manufacturing tanks that do not have integrated spray CIP systems. The advantage of immersion CIP cleaning is that is simple and does not require a carefully engineered spray CIP system. The disadvantage is that it typically takes longer because the equipment, such as a mixer, would have to be filled, heated and drained rather than the faster cycles obtained by using much smaller quantities of cleaning solution as in a spray CIP systems. Additionally, only the areas that are in contact with the cleaning solution get cleaned and usually some manual cleaning of tanks and mixers on the areas above the fill line has to be performed.

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