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Monday, October 10, 2011

How to clean installed solar panels using minimum amounts of water?


How to clean installed solar panels using minimum amounts of water?


For field cleaning of solar modules, I recommend using Liquinox detergent. (See the MSDS and technical bulletin links below). This is a concentrate that would be used at a 1% solution (1.25 oz/gal, or 10 mL/L).

Liquinox is not harmful to discharge onto the ground in an agricultural setting nor will it attack glass or aluminum substrates. I would recommend developing a cleaning procedure that allows you to spray on the 1% Liquinox solution using irrigation water (possibly use a garden sprayer or backpack sprayer), then:
  • allow the sprayed on solution to sit for as long as is practical without excessive evaporation, 
  • do some scrubbing with a light plastic brush to get any really tough spots loosened up, 
  • rinse thoroughly with irrigation water,
  • if practical, do a final rinse and finally squeegee dry. 
Water spots occur when tap water or dirty water evaporates and deposits contaminants on the surface; using a squeegee removes the water before it can evaporate and make spots. Whoever is doing the cleaning needs to understand this and learn to work in a way that minimizes evaporation, particularly on the final rinse. 

For the Liquinox MSDS, see: 
For the Liquinox Technical Bulletin, see:

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