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Friday, September 29, 2006

A - After Cleaning

How does after cleaning handling impact outcome?

This addresses the sixth variable "AFTER CLEANING" in Alconox's acronym BATHCARD, factors that contribute to successful cleaning. Click here to learn more.

How parts are handled and stored, after cleaning, determines whether cleanliness is maintained. Depending on the setting, it may be necessary to make special provisions to establish a clean storage place or storage conditions. It may also be helpful, if not necessary, to determine how long a surface or part will stay clean while stored to decide whether it needs to be recleaned prior to use. Cleanliness testing can be done to monitora surface and determine how long it will remain suitably clean. Humid after-cleaning storage conditions can result in corrosion or condensation that promotes microbial contamination. Obviously a dirty, after-cleaning environment can recontaminate surfaces. Cleanliness can be maintained by as elaborate a process as sterilizing and using sterile packaging, to as simple a process as putting a clean tarp over a piece of equipment that has just been cleaned.


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