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Thursday, September 14, 2006

How to find a Lot number for Alconox, Inc. Detergents

In order to control manufacturing processes for companies with raw material control requirements such as ISO certified organizations and cGMP compliant companies, you need to record a lot number for the detergent being used in cleaning. You need to be able to find that lot number.

To find the lot number of the detergent you have, look on the package. All plastic bottles of detergent have a 5 character lot number printed in ink jet characters just above the label. All milk carton boxes of powdered detergent have a 4 character lot number at the very top flap of the milk carton stamped in to the milk carton. All drums of liquid detergent have a 5 character lot number hand written on the top of the drum as well as stamped on to the label on the drum. All powdered drums have the 5 character lot number stamped on to the drum next to the label. All corrugated cardboard boxes have the 4 or 5 character lot number stamped in the upper right hand corner of the panel that has the "Ship To" information on it, or on the upper right hand corner of one of the panels of a box that has a label on it that has a dotted line saying "Do Not Cut Below This Line" with the lot number stamped right next to those words. This lot number can be used to get a certificate of analysis which will give the expiration date, storage conditions and analysis for that lot. If you do not have the package available to you, it is possible to track the lot number if you know the detergent brand, the purchase order number placed with Alconox, Inc. and name of the company that sold the Alconox, Inc. detergent to you. By contacting Alconox, Inc. at cleaning @ or calling 914-948-4040 with this information they can review their sales records and determine the lot number of the detergent shipped on that order.

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