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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Temperature and Alcojet

What is the lowest recommended washing temperature for Alcojet to guarantee full dissolving?

There is no minimum temperature to assure dissolving of Alcojet as it is completely water soluble and will dissolve with agitation over the course of any standard labware washer cycle. Note that while the detergent may dissolve, it will not perform optimally at temperatures below 45 deg C. There is an anti-foaming nonionic surfactant that is heat activated at this temperature and above. Failure to clean at above this temperature will result in foam from the surfactant and potentially foam from any foam forming residues. Foam is harder to rinse and can potentially result in residues. Foam can interfere with the mechanical action of spray which can result in less efficient cleaning. Most labware washers are designed to be used with hot water. Alcojet is designed to be used with hot water. As a general rule, every 10 deg C you go up in temperature, you double the cleaning speed. Cleaning mechanisms still work at lower temperatures, they just work more slowly and longer cleaning cycles may be needed. Additionally there is the non-linear foam issue at about 45 dec C. You could get adequate cleaning at lower temperatures below 45 deg C if you incorporate additional rinsing and take special care loading glassware to avoid any solution/foam holding "cups" such as the upturned bottom of a graduated cylinder where foam can congregate. If you are going to clean at temperatures below 45 deg C, the residues need to be cleanable within standard cleaning cycle times, or additional cleaning cycles may be required.

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